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Entertainers 4 Education Alliance (501c3) organization is our drop-out prevention initiative and call to action for students, parents, and the entire community to increase educational achievement in youth. Our goal is to provide powerful messages to youth about the importance of educational excellence.  We accomplish this through youth development, parent engagement, community outreach exciting events, and various forms of multi-media platforms and corporate partnerships. We enlist the talents, resources of the music and entertainment industry along with prominent high profile individuals to stress the importance and coolness of being educated - “Smart is the New Cool.” 


In 2005 music industry executive turned educator J.P Taylor and former educator turned celebrity event publicist Tonya Lewis learned about the horrifying drop out statistics plaguing the schools in New York City . The two combined their love and passion for youth and their tremendous entertainment industry relationships and resources to develop the Entertainers 4 Education Alliance, a drop-out prevention movement, as a way of giving back and helping to make a difference.

Since that time E4EA’s founders, staff, diverse group of board members, advisory committee members and volunteers have created and executed first-rate programs that utilize the power of multi-media and entertainment as a vehicle to connect with the youth and impact parents and the entire community. Entertainers 4 Education Alliance is blessed and fortunate to be uniquely positioned to be cool enough to connect with these youths while providing the essential messages needed to change the minds, attitudes and perceptions about education in our youth.

As we look ahead Entertainers 4 Education Alliance will carry its messages to millions with the further development of the I WILL GRADUATE CAMPAIGN a call to action for students, parents, and the entire community to increase educational achievement in our youth. We hope you will recognize the importance of our work and help us inspire a generation about the necessity of education. The best is yet to come…….


What we do

  • We Inspire our youth to take responsibility for bettering themselves. We utilize the star power and influence of high-profile individuals to encourage youth about the importance of education, personal advancement and social commitment.

  • We Connect our youth and families to resources and opportunities designed to assist students in overcoming challenges and achieving academic and personal excellence.

  • We Empower our youth by sharing information and knowledge through workshops and events that provide the tools needed to set and achieve goals. We help young people believe in themselves and realize their incredible potential.

Entertainers 4 Education Alliance - In The Classroom Fundraiser with actor Omar Epps