Our programs provides students a unique series of enrichment and youth development while simultaneously providing them with skills they can readily use after graduation.

ARTS IN EDUCATION: The “I Will Graduate” program is designed to connect, Inspire & Empower students through various leadership, academic development, career awareness, mentorship and music and art programs.


• Music/Band
• Drama
• Dance ( Hip-Hop, Modern, African Dance, Tap)
• Chorus
• Martial Arts
• Photography
• TeenKonec (Journalism – School Newsletter)
• Mentoring


I WILL GRADUATE PEP RALLY ASSEMBLY: We will encourage, inspire and motivate students with our award-winning spirited pep-rally. We address important important issues to build school spirit. Each pe-rally comes with DJ, dancers, mascot, clown and tuns of cool giveaways.


MENTORING: Our mentoring program is a vital layer in our youth development program intended to inspire students with skill development, talent recognition and cultivation. We foster a relationship of honesty, support and encouragement between the mentor and mentee which builds a bridge that enables mentoring to inspire students to remain in school while engaging in them the idea of personal responsibility. 


STEM PROGRAMS: Our S.T.E.M. program foster learning in which students are guided to produce original ideas, objects and structures using concepts and skills from math, science and technology. We aim to grow students capacity for creativity, fun and back-loaded learning in STEM context. The following are programs we offer:


• Robotics
• Coding
• Website Development
• Youth Recording Apprentice Program (YRAP)
• Broadcast Journalism


CAREER & COLLEGE ACCESS: We encourage students to critically think about their future and broadening their horizons when it comes to high school, college and careers. We facilitate college tours, parent workshops and provide resources about financially planning for college. We also provide SAT, ACT and Regents prep!


WORKSHOPS & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: We offer a wide variety of innovative workshops for youth, parents and professional development for school staff. We provide tools and information that provide greater academic success for students and parents and focused learning techniques that will energize the school community for the greater success. 


• Parent Engagement
• Professional Development